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  • The DXZone: ham-radio, shortwave and cb-radio guideThe DXZone: ham-radio, shortwave and cb-radio guide
    DX Zone directory with 12000 amateur radio links, about ham-radio radio scanning, cb radio and shortwave listening, antenna homebrewing plans and a complete radio software collection. Offer free classified ads, ham radio reviews and operators directory.
  • M0OXO QSL ManagingM0OXO QSL Managing
    Are you a DX station, Contester or just a high user of Qsl Cards who needs the help of a Qsl Manager in Europe? We can offer the full service from Printing the Cards to answering the incoming requests so, for a fast, efficient and well presented Qsl service tailored to your needs.
  • The K1BV DX Awards DirectoryThe K1BV DX Awards Directory
    Information about award hunting with sections for:
    1. Very short term awards (1 day to 3 months)
    2. Short awards for the year (for example, must be earned in 2009)
    3. Permanent awards, about 3100 of them from 115 DXCC countries. (This is a subscription section, small charge of $US6 for one year access. This pays for my WWW hosting company charges and software I buy.)
  • DXtreme SoftwareDXtreme Software
    DXtreme Software produces software applications for Amateur Radio operators, Short Wave Radio listeners, DXers, and other radio enthusiasts.
  • DX NewsDX News
    DX News - DX Peditions - DX Information
  • Barry Amateur Radio SocietyBarry Amateur Radio Society
    Barry Amateur Radio Society is the most active “Ham Radio Club in South Wales”. Expeditions, Contests & Good friendship worldwide is our aim.
  • Фирма "Куйсоков"Фирма "Куйсоков"
    В настоящее время предлагает антенные мачты фермного типа, а также полиграфическую продукцию для радиолюбителей
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Немного статистики
На October 2021 года в списке напечатанных в "UX5UO print" QSL 21248 различных позывных из 320 стран мира по списку DXCC.