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>>> QSL Samples <<< UKRAINE

  • Gennady V. Treus (UX5UO) Ц Origin Source
    P.O.Box 83
    Kiev, 03113
    Mobile phone: +38 066 351-9597 (24/7)
    Home phone: +38 044 450-3752
    E-mail: ux5uo@ux5uoqsl.com
    Additional e-mails: ux5uo-print@ukr.net, ux5uo@i.com.ua, ux5uo_2012@yahoo.com
    Skype: ub5uko Skype Me!
    UX5UO on the air (on week-ends, occasionally):
    14155 kHz Ц 8-10 UTC, 7055 or 3602 kHz Ц 20 UTC
    Also you can send your request/questions to Gennady (UX5UO) from here:
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For abroad payments: note NO Paypal in Ukraine at all, so please use your local (nearest) representative for funds transferring.

>>> QSL Samples <<< USA

  • Mr. Dwayne Lipscomb (KD4POJ) Ц Complete Representative
    4201 13th Street NE
    Minot, ND 58703
    E-mail: kd4poj@srt.com
    For payments: post a check to "Dwayne E. Lipscomb c/o UX5UO Print" or Paypal to above e-mail.
    Dwayne, KD4POJ is also open to cooperation as a QSL Manager.
  • Mr. Douglas Dowds (W6HB) Ц Information Support
    415 E 238th St
    Carson, CA 90745-5810
    E-mail: w6hb@arrl.net
  • Mr. Ian Shrader (W7IAN) Ц Information Support
    291 Olympic View Ave NE
    Ocean Shores, WA 98569
    Phone: 360 289 9582
    E-mail: ianjerri@msn.com

>>> QSL Samples <<< CANADA

  • Mr. François Bérubé (VA2RC) Ц Information Support
    36 Chemin de la Paroi
    Stoneham-et-Tewskbury, Québec, G3C 0R7
    E-mail: va2rc@arrl.net

>>> QSL Samples <<< UNITED KINGDOM

  • Mr. Charles R. Wilmott (M0OXO) Ц Complete Representative
    60 Church Hill, Royston, Barnsley
    South Yorkshire, S71 4NG
    United Kingdom
    Phone: +44 (0) 1226 726434 (9AM-5PM)
    +44 (0) 7900 500775 (24/7)
    E-mail: charlie.debbie@btinternet.com
    For payments: post a cheque or use bank transfer (details on request) or Paypal to above e-mail.

>>> QSL Samples <<< GERMANY

  • Mr. Michael Nörtemann (DF8AN) Ц Complete Representative
    Neustadt 18
    Northeim D-37154
    E-mail: Michael.Noertemann@gmx.de
    For payments: use bank transfer (details on request) or Paypal to above e-mail.

>>> QSL Samples <<< ITALY

>>> QSL Samples <<< NETHERLANDS

  • Mr. Alex van Hengel (PA1AW) Ц Information Support
    Bovenkruier 18
    2995CA Heerjansdam
    The Netherlands
    E-mail: alex@pa1aw.nl
  • Mr. Onno le Comte (PA3BUD) Ц Payment Point Only
    E-mail: pa3bud@lecomtech.nl
    For payments: use bank transfer (details on request) or Paypal to above e-mail.

>>> QSL Samples <<< FINLAND

>>> QSL Samples <<< SPAIN

>>> QSL Samples <<< PORTUGAL and AZORES

  • Mr. David Fagundes (CU3ED) Ц Complete Representative
    Rua Alfredo Mesquita, 20
    9700-012 Angra do Heroismo
    E-mail: cu3ed@gmx.com
    For payments: please contact CU3ED for details.

>>> QSL Samples <<< ICELAND

  • Mr. Seli Oskarsson (TF3AO) Ц Information Support
    Laekjasmari 78
    IS-201 Kopavogur
    E-mail: tf3ao@simnet.is

>>> QSL Samples <<< JAPAN

  • Mr. Hideyuki "Hide" Kai (JM1LJS) Ц Complete Representative
    4-22-15, Kohoku-Ku
    Kanagawa 223-0065
    E-mail: ux5uo-japan@rental-shack.com
    For payments: please contact JM1LJS for details.

>>> QSL Samples <<< NEW ZEALAND

  • Mr. Pete Leng (ZL4TE) Ц Complete Representative
    3 Gilchrist PLace
    Cambridge 3434
    New Zealand
    Phone: 07 8235476
    E-mail: zl4te@rocketmail.com
    For payments: NZ dollars accepted on the rate on the day; post a cheque to above address or Paypal to above e-mail or please contact ZL4TE for Bank Transfer details.
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